Fuck You, Daria

Maybe not everyone in the world is a total douche bag, Daria.  Maybe not everyone is stupid.  Maybe not everyone is just a joke to be laughed at.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s you who sucks.  Look around you, Daria.  Kevin plays football.  Brittney cheerleads.  Quinn does fashion.  Even Jane, who (thank God) is at least one person who can stand the grating sound of your voice, paints.  What do you do?  You criticize, you demean, and you watch the same crappy TV show all day.  I know you think you’re the underdog, and view everyone else as some kind of oppressive societal force, but you’re not and they’re not.  You’re a bully.  You’re mean spirited and miserable.  The rest of us?  We’re just living our lives, so back off.

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