Fuck You, Sammi

You are a disgrace to all women. Not only are you a complete moron, but you’re delusional. You have no respect for yourself. You are so pathetic that you can’t handle life without the man you “love.”

Why did you even still love Ronnie? How is that possible? I understand if you still have feelings for him, but after the way he treated you…..? C’mon. You knew he was being shady. Each day was a different feeling from him. How do you not say enough is enough? Oh. That’s right. You’re a pussy.

You have no spine or independence. And don’t for one second think that you got the upper hand with JWow or that you could take her again. The boys were holding her back! If it were just the two of you, JWow would destroy you. That girl is tough and you’re a little bitch who can’t recognize when her friends are in a difficult position and are trying to do what they think is best.

Man up, Sammi. Stop acting like a twit and a twat and speak with a normal big girl non-lispy voice.

Content by Delightfully Contradictory

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