Fuck You, Vinny

So MTV was looking for a “normal” guy to balance out the trashy, imeanentertaining cast members.  And that’s where you came in Vinny.

You and your pale skin, your Urban Outfitters graphic tees, your less-toned body, your glasses, your superiority complex after attending Community college, your everything.  You just think you’re soooo damn special, don’t you Vin.  Well hear this:

You.  Are.  Boring.  And a prick.

You consider yourself above the GTL, but this season, who was GTL-ing harder than anybody?  You’re a fucking hypocrite and you know it.  You think you’re so above the Snookis and the The Situations of the world, but you aren’t.  Because you’re a misogynistic, boring, stupid asshole who’s a fucking follower and a douchebag.

So wear your fucking pink tee, talk shit, and pray to God MTV’s fucked up enough on PCP and is too hysterical to notice you’re still around.  Pray hard.

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