Fuck You, Marissa

Marissa Cooper.  Where do I begin.

Let’s start with TJ.  You know, where you ODed season 1 and passed out in a Mexican alley?  What the fuck, are you that desparate for attention?  Sheesh.

Or how about that creep Oliver, the stalker you invited into your circle of friends.  Oh you two met in therapy?  That’s so nice…not.

Also, you fucking shot someone!   Your boyfriends brother!  So he tried to rape you, ever think you maybe attracted it?  That’s what he thinks.  And he’s hot.

You just went from alcoholic, to lesbian, to whore, to dead, and you were so fucking awful the whole way through.

I don’t care that your mom’s crazy, or your dad’s an idiot, you are the absolute worst and you know it.

I may hate you more than anyone else.

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